At intervals throughout a project, and then at the close, I ask clients for feedback. Below is an amalgam of the skills and strengths people have observed as we have worked together.

listener / designer: Michael hears not only WHAT needs to be done but HOW groups want it done, ensuring that the project and its deliverables are congruent with the goals and values of the organization.

translator: Michael learns what leaders need in terms of outcomes and how that coincides with staff perception and input. He stands in the breach between competing or conflicting notions of how to approach a project or challenge. He offers a safe sounding board for both leaders and groups, which helps to elicit transparent, authentic communication; creativity and effectiveness.

coach / teacher: Michael helps groups use new technology effectively and apply emerging organizational theory to their work and organization– not just by reading trend books. He helps organizations break old patterns and practice new ones that are more congruent with their values and vision.

documenter: Michael helps takes care of the stuff that busy leaders often don’t have time for—notes, timelines, research—so leaders can get on with the big-picture tasks of leading.

facilitator: Michael creates opportunities for groups to step back and examine existing practices and issues together. He describes the group’s current picture in an objective and helpful way.

collaborator: Michael works well with a wide variety of personalities. 

communicator: Michael possesses strong written and verbal communication skills, paying attention to the tone and language of the organization.

evaluator: Michael brings well-honed skills in asset mapping, needs assessment and evaluation.

Michael is a great coach with exceptional listening skills. He improved our team’s productivity with interactive tools like SharePoint and Skype. His impeccable presentations are always focused on results.”