Hispanic Services Council | Tampa, FL

Global Learning Partners Course | “Learning to Listen, Learning Teach: The Principles and Practices of Dialogue Education” | December 10-13, 2012

silly celebration shot on day four

silly celebration shot on day four

What a powerful week of teaching and learning in my role as a GLP Partner! The 13 staff and volunteers are preparing to launch new initiatives in 2013 that will include parent education sessions on topics such as navigating the schools, planning for a child’s education, parenting, securing a living wage job, and other issues vital to the success of Latino families in Hillsborough County. A second group will begin implementing asset-based community development in a neglected and economically poor area of the county.

These seasoned professional–with impressive backgrounds and certifications– loved the GLP course and the practical tools it gave them to enhance the work ahead!

Check out the GLP 2013 course schedule: plan to attend a course or improve the performance of your organization by scheduling an in-house course, like the leadership of Hispanic Services Council did!